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Consider carrying a statement from your doctor about your ostomy. Experiment with new positions, such as lying on your side.

While it can be embarrassing, don't let a fear of what could go wrong keep you from going about your day. However, your individual body contour and your stoma's location may make some clothes less comfortable.'But I was the healthiest I'd ever been, and so even though I was incredibly shy around new people, after I started dating this guy, I knew I wanted to tell him.'He asked me why I would have a stoma [bag] if I had another option - he said it would be better to have a scar than a bag.'I guess it kind of grossed him out, but it left me feeling really horrible.* Ulcerative colitis occurs most often in people ages 15 to 30, although the disease may afflict people of any age.* It affects men and women equally and appears to run in some families Ms Payne was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010, after she found herself needing to go to the bathroom up to 30 times a day and having little control of her bowel.'When the doctors did a colonoscopy, they found my entire bowel was filled with ulcers,' she told Daily Mail Australia.'I spent the next three years on medication - which didn't really help - before the surgeons told me that I was probably going to have to get a colostomy bag.'Ms Payne said that she 'joked' about the idea at first as she didn't think it would happen.'I didn't know what it was and went overseas to try a vegetarian diet to see if that would help my symptoms,' she added.But after the now-28-year-old tried to fight the impending reality that she would have to get a bag, she returned to Australia to reluctantly have the surgery.

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It will take some pre-trip planning, but having an ostomy shouldn't prevent you from traveling. Lingerie and cummerbunds made to conceal a pouch or hold it in place are available from specialty retailers.

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