Consolidating websites

A case in point is online retailer, which invites customers to evaluate recently purchased products and write an online review.

Not only is this information vital to the retailer’s marketing, the ‘impartiality of the feedback can make it particularly valuable to other customers, influencing their purchasing decisions. Not surprisingly, the majority of companies are taking website management very seriously.

It is not uncommon for companies to monitor key websites for customer or user feedback.

Heart of the matter Fortunately, content management has less to do with the number of websites and amount of content, and more to do with the right platform for your needs.After all, websites should be seen as a strategic means of communicating with company stakeholders: customers, partners, staff and investors.What’s more, websites are a company’s showcase and should appeal to visitors and hold their attention, much like consumers in a shop.Conventional wisdom dictates that less or smaller is easier, tidier, cheaper and better.Ergo, website consolidation should be synonymous with reducing website costs and improving website control, efficiency and effectiveness.

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The business community has also started to take a keen interest in the rapidly expanding market for blogs and other online means of social interaction.

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