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And Kidd-Gilchrist (listed above on my projected roster) is a conservative addition.

He could be Brad Beal, he could be Harrison Barnes. Regardless Dwight, you’re getting the Cavs’ foundation as is, plus either a top-tier wing prospect or the best big in the draft. Imagine you’d had an opportunity to head to OKC right after they landed James Harden. Really, the only possible reason this isn’t a no-brainer is that you’d have to live in Cleveland, which, don’t worry…I’ve figured out too. I’ve been digging around for like an hour and that was the best I could do.) Let’s close the “Cleveland as entertainment mecca” section with the following… Consider B: There are two schools of thought re: the nature of the world’s social history.

I’d put Andy’s pick & roll competency up there with many of the elite bigs in the league. Derrick Rose’s team is 12-2 (tied for the best record in the league), and Thibodeau has, in my estimation, done very well to proactively extend support to a struggling Noah and Boozer (and/or protect their trade value). NBA ROY – Kyrie Irving, PG, Cleveland Cavaliers (17.0 ppg, 3.1 reb, 5 ast).

You want to pull ahead of Le Bron James, and we want that for you…but to do it, you have to start heading in the opposite direction. Le Bron is playing better than anyone in the league, but the Heat have lost 3 in a row.

From a basketball perspective, it’s the perfect situation.

And, while I realize much of the preceding’s accuracy depends on your evaluations of the players involved — i.e. — I’d like you to know this: Because of my briefly aforementioned conscience/an overwhelming fear of failure stemming perhaps from graduating college with an acting degree, publishing on an ESPN subsidiary at least forces me to temper my enthusiasm for all things Cleveland in the hope that I can write reasonably informative articles/maintain my current state of employment.

You still want to be traded, you say, and Dallas, LA, and the Nets are still your preferred destinations. ” Now, if you’re reading this (and I soooo hope it gets to you…), you’re probably reading it on a Cavs blog and thus have subsequently assumed where it’s headed. I know you’ve already said (with just about zero ambiguity) that you’d rather not be traded to Cleveland. If you’re signing a 5-year extension with a team that’s just traded its best young prospect multiple first-rounders, rarely will that team still have the means to surround you with talent.

Of the “cataclysm teams,” the Heat are the only group I’d list with even a However awful that was. Regardless, the point of exhibit A (and/or “Reason # 1”), Dwight?

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