Jennylee and nate dating

The men and women take turns choosing partners by introducing themselves in gender-divided rooms.

Once paired off, the teams work together to become proficient in unfamiliar areas of study.

Had any other people hooked up with other fellow cast members (or even their teammate since the show? 124.1 , 25 February 2007 (UTC)Tim Howard II For Seasons 1 and 3, the photo of the entire cast is present, but Season 2 photo is of only the girls. , 9 February 2007 (UTC)Tim Howard II Nate and Jennylee got together in Season three, but no word on if they have continued the relationship. The article ought to have a photo of the whole cast or at least an additional photo of the boys.

Calling card: In season three, when supernerd Nate Dern got UFC Ring Girl, Jennylee Berns, to fall for him and fawn over him like he was Johnny Depp.

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