Matthew goode dating sophie dymoke

As normal as actors can be, so I suppose in some ways a bit of a c***, but not too bad. Would you like to work for Tom Ford, fashionista as opposed to first-time director? One of the finest bits of acting I’ve seen in a while was Colin’s character getting this phone call about his partner Jim’s death. Colin has been a great actor since the beginning of his career but with this performance people are going to be surprised – which they shouldn’t be – that he’s a really terrific actor. I’d love to get the war movies so you’re just with guys, drinking for six months.

Are you thrilled about Colin Firth’s Oscar nomination?

My take on it, though, is you can’t get p***ed off about people putting a camera in your face. And I’m going to spoil my daughter rotten but not so much that she turns into a spoiled little bitch. Yes, mainly because I don’t have a pot to piss in at the moment and weddings can be quite expensive if you want to do it with all your mates rather than at your town hall.

Were you excited to work with Woody Allen on Match Point? For me, it makes a f***ing change being in a good film. I’m not particularly well-known in England, which is great because I don’t have someone with a camera outside my front door every morning like some of my friends. I’m always off ferreting around in a car trying to get into some woman’s pants, which is fun but it’s not the same.

Gorgeous and Dynamic lady, Sophie Dymoke is of English origin.

The Beautiful lady is recognized as the life partner of Matthew Goode, who is the actor of the famous movie called Imitation Game.

A mainstay of television and film screens, Matthew has been working consistently in the biz since 2002, yet still seems to fall foul to that immortal line , Matthew has quite the reputation as a romantic leading man.

He’s romanced everyone from Mandy Moore, to Amy Adams and even Colin Firth, as the ill-fated partner to Firth’s closeted English professor in . But isn’t afraid to show his dark side With a tall, lean frame and an intellectual poise, Hollywood can’t get enough of Matthew and frequently cast him as the quintessential movie villain. Matthew looks right at home in the Evelyn Waugh classic, as he navigates the world of English nobility in 1920s England, while fielding advances from men and women alike. And he loves him some Jane Austen Of course, Matthew wouldn’t be a true British actor without taking part in at least one Jane Austen adaptation.

In 2013, Matthew starred as the nefarious George Wickham in BBC’s spin-off series, 5. We know it’s the question you’ve been itching to ask.

Stunning beauty Sophie has well managed her personal life.

The couple tied knot recently after being in a relationship for long times. She has height and figure of a supermodel and doesn’t look as if she has given birth to three children.

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