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The building was renovated in 2010, although it is not used with any regularity.

Elsewhere is a Jewish cemetery dating back to the 9th century where burials still take place, although the graveyard fell into disrepair in recent decades.

In the 1950s, some Jews were issued one-way travel documents called “laisser-passer,” while others were stripped of their property.

By the end of subsequent wars with Israel in 19, only a few hundred Egyptian Jews remained in the country, doing their best to continue daily life in a community now a fraction of its former size.

“I don’t know if next year we’ll have members of the community, I mean.

It doesn’t make sense to be present if you don’t have members,” she says.

Madga Haroun’s family is one of those that chose to remain.

Jewish-born singer and actress Laila Murad was a towering figure in midcentury Egyptian film and music.

After attending university in Cairo, she eventually took over the family business.

One of her sisters later moved to Europe, but she decided to stay.

The country’s Coptic Christians say they are regarded as second-class citizens, barred de facto from the top ranks of the military, harassed by the security forces and menaced in some parts of the country by jihadists.

Egypt’s Bahai’s and Shia communities have also long struggled for rights under a state that refuses to recognize them. It’s very frightening.” Yet she is still intent on proclaiming the legacy of Egypt’s Jews even to their dying days.

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