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She talks quickly and articulately and laughs a lot, although age and experience have made her more guarded and careful than she was in the past when she seemed to blurt out whatever came into her head, making her refreshingly free-spirited and quotable, but a nightmare for her publicists.

Her father, a prominent banker, and her mother, who ran the Lee Strasberg drama school in London, divorced when she was five, her father’s subsequent (fourth) marriage giving her two more step-brothers to add to her sister, two half-brothers and step-sister.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, it’s based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, a US Navy Seal whose skills as a sniper made him a hero on the battlefield.

He was murdered two years ago not far from his home on a shooting range in Texas, allegedly by an ex-serviceman he was trying to help.

It was only a few years ago that Sienna Miller was unable to leave her home without being mobbed by a horde of paparazzi.

Her turbulent private life and myriad romances made her a favourite target for the scandal-hungry tabloid press.

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