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Dinah Shore weekend is just around the corner, and we’re finally ready to roll out our plans for the (completely free) After After Noon on Saturday, April 5th, in the lounge at the Doral Hotel from p.m.

to whenever we feel like finishing (probably around 5 p.m.).

The superheroes of the Marvel Comics universe have to face off against villainous foes and Earth-shattering events, but a new comic places them against a completely different challenge - dating apps. In the process, they stumble upon a dating app - designed specifically for superheroes.

A wide array of puns follow, from the app being dubbed 'Cloak & Dater' (a pun on the famous Marvel couple Cloak & Dagger, who are set to make the jump to live-action next year), to the cringe-worthy bios of some of the most notable users.

Jasmine’s dating school was intense with four weeks smashed into one.LESBIAN QUOTE OF THE WEEK“I played a lesbian prostitute in the TV series this week and tipped me off to a lesbian subplot that is (not surprisingly) absent from the trailer.The romantic comedy is about a 30-something man (Ryan Reynolds) with a young daughter trying to choose between three women in his past: his current wife (Elizabeth Banks) and two others who got away (Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher).This year, our lineup will include Bridget Mc Manus doing standup; improv comedy à la the Worst Date Stories performed by the WGN team plus Bridget, Cathy De Buono, Michelle Paradise and Marnie Alton; and the filming of a scene from The focus of the improv will be Worst/Funniest Dinah Shore Stories as submitted by After readers by April 1st.If you’ve never been to Dinah, just give us your Worst/Funniest Experience at a lesbian party or bar. Lori and I, along with , you need to (a) be over 21; (b) plan to attend our event at Dinah; and (c) tell us about your weirdest/funniest/worst living situation by March 15th.

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This guy and I were texting about vacation and where we’d like to live someday, but I had my suggested questions that align with my lists of wants and needs I discovered during the class.

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