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“I couldn’t believe it,” said Baldizan, who works in the store’s food preparation department.“All we did was say we didn’t believe the policy was fair. Bryan Baldizan told The Associated Press he and a female employee were suspended for a day after they wrote a letter following a meeting with a manager who told them Spanish was not allowed during work hours.

WFM was also known for disclosing vast amounts of critical financial information to employees at all levels, and for encouraging team members and leaders to take decisions at the team level based on this information.

The resignation came after Gadsden Independent School District officials filed a complaint with the association accusing the umpire of telling a first baseman not to speak Spanish during a game in Alamogordo.

Ralph Arellanes, state director of New Mexico League of United Latin American Citizens, said the Whole Foods Market policy violates New Mexico’s state constitution, which protects Spanish and American Indian languages.

It concludes with an analysis of WFM's stand on unions and the company's prospects and challenges in the future.

To understand the role of culture as a source of competitive advantage for companies.

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